Atlantic 30" Copper Bowl w/ 4" Spillway

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  • Model: CB30R4
  • Item: 73805
  • Flow Rate: 750 gph
  • Inlet: (2) 11/2" FIPT
  • Warranty: 3 year
  • Dimensions: 30"W x 33"D x 14½"H

Spillway Bowls complement any hardscape with the elegant sheen of copper


Atlantic Copper Spillway Bowls are crafted out of solid copper in both round and square styles

Copper Spillway Bowls are designed to form a natural patina over time

All Bowls feature dual 11⁄2" FIPT inlets and solid copper standpipe for lighting and water supply


Copper Bowls lend themselves to a number of lighting op- tions. Spotlights are a great way to accent water overflowing the 36" Copper Bowl or the concentrated flow from spillways. Inside the bowl, the submersible Ring Light creates rippling uplighting effects on overhanging trees or structures. Atlan- tic’s unique Cord Seal Fitting makes lighting inside the Bowl possible without a visible cord coming over the edge. The rubber fitting installs inside one of the two 11/2" FIPT inlets, and when tightened expands, sealing the cord and the inlet