Eshopps Lotus 52 Plug Frag Tree

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A revolution in fragging, space-saving footprint in tanks, and thinking.

The Eshopps’ Lotus features a total of 52 frag spaces on the Lotus while maintaining a sophisticated design to be placed in your aquarium tank.

Each Lily provides 13 holes to make the most of your fragging space with the option to add many more Lily (additional Lily is sold separately; item #95850). The design allows for plugs to be easily accessible for removing and placement as you can turn the Lily to your preference.

You may purchase Eshopps’ Frag Plugs (Item #19200 for 12 Frag Plugs or Item #19205 for 24 Frag Plugs) to fill the space.


90 Days

Dimensions 10x7" (with Lily opened)

Rod 1 1/2"

Lily 5 1/2x4"

Package Contents

•One (1) Lotus Base

•One (1) Lock Screw

•Four (4) Lily

•Four (4) Rods