Eshopps Lotus Mag

Eshopps Lotus Mag

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Product Description

ESHOPPS’ original LOTUS, the LOTUS Mag uses the same popular high quality Lily Leaves with 13 plugholes and full 360° rotation. Designed to offer unlimited placement options, the LOTUS Mag attaches to aquarium glass/acrylic (up to ½” thickness) with powerful ABS plastic coated magnets. The LOTUS Mag can be positioned vertically along the aquarium walls and horizontally for top braced aquariums. As sold, the LOTUS Mag can hold 39 frag plugs; 2 lbs. hold capacity (additional Lily Leaves sold separately for added frag capacity).

Vertical assembly option:

Lighting and current intensity requirements vary from coral to coral, with the LOTUS Mag, corals can easily be moved up and down aquarium walls for desired lighting and water current needs. The powerful ABS coated magnets can hold up to 2 lbs. of plugged corals. This space saving option is ideal for heavily stocked systems where floor and rock space is limited.

Horizontal assembly option:

Ideal for top braced tanks that have glass or acrylic supports running across the width or length of tanks. The LOTUS Mag can be assembled with Lily Leaves hanging down below the water line. This allows for use of available top bracing spaces. This is the best option for corals that need maximum light intensity and exposure.

Features a. Elegant, space saving design ideal for displaying or isolating high value corals.

b. Powerful ABS coated magnets firmly hold 39 plugged corals, up to 2 lbs. c. Lily Leaves rotate 360° for optimal positioning and accommodation in tight spaces.

d. Connecting rods included to easily expand Lily Leaves for tall or branching corals.

e. Suited for glass or acrylic, non-scratch material.

f. Wide bore plugholes to accommodate most ceramic and acrylic plugs.