Two Little Fishies Little ReBorn Calcium Reactor Media 8.8lb

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Little Reborn is composed of sustainably harvested fossil skeletal remains of reef building corals. When used in a calcium reactor where it can be dissolved by CO2 Little Reborn not only replenishes calcium and carbonate alkalinity, it also replenishes strontium and trace elements in the same proportions they are used by corals to build their skeletons. In this way Little ReBorn replaces exactly what corals need to grow, and these dissolved fossils are "born again" when the live corals in your aquarium deposit the dissolved components. The size of Little Reborn makes it an ideal medium for post-calcium reactor pH adjustment. Little ReBorn is aragonite, not calcite, so it dissolves completely without consuming excess CO2 and will not turn to mush! These features combined with very low phosphate and silicate content mean that Little Reborn is the ideal media to use for promoting the growth of living corals, clams, calcerous algae, and other calcifying creatures in a reef aquarium. Directions: Add Little ReBorn to a calium reactor according to manufacturer recommendations. Little ReBorn is rinsed in RO water prior to packaging so no rinsing is necessary before putting the media in a calcium reactor. Contents: Aragonite pebbles from fossil corals