Zoo Med AquaEffects Model 2

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TAKE YOUR TANK TO A NEW DIMENSION SOUND EFFECTS Bring the sounds of nature into your tank with eight unique audio tracks. 24 HOUR TIMER Programmable timer with customizable day and night light settings and special sunset and sunrise transitions. DYNAMIC Enhance your tank’s environment with mesmerizing effects such as waves, fading clouds, and lightning storms, all with their own synchronized sounds. CUSTOMIZABLE SPECTRUM Five individual LED channels to allow you to customize and save your own color settings. TRUE UVA Give your tank the benefit of UVA, which helps promote natural behavior and breeding in fish. WIRELESS REMOTE Control your tank’s sound and appearance from the comfort of your couch. Static Modes SUN: All lights on. (Sound – Flowing river) MOON: Blue light only. (Sound – Nighttime lake) FISH: White, blue, and UV only. (Sound – Lake waves) PLANT: All light on with additional red brightness. (Sound – Jungle stream) Dynamic Effects WAVES: Gentle waves crashing onto the shore. MOON and CLOUDS: Clouds passing in front of a full moon. CLOUDS: Overcast skies with cloud motion. STORM: Thunderstorm and lightning.