Aqua Illumination Blade Aquarium Strip LED - Coral Grow 12"

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Designed specifically with spectrum that is optimal for coral photosynthesis. Blade Coral Grow is a perfect addition to your tank. Small, but packs a big punch, with 20W power consumption. EdgeField Optics provides even PAR, a natural-looking shimmer, unmatched color mixing, and an unbelievable 95 degree spread to your aquarium. Modular cluster LEDs and a wide angle allow for light to reach the high points in your tank to dispense an even blanket of illumination with little shadow. This Blade system can be added to an existing lighting system to fill lighting, reduce hotspots and to enhance light coverage in your tank. Paired with the Blade Glow, you can customize the look of your tank effectively. Boasting approximately one light cluster per foot of fixture, the Grow features balanced diode placement for ultimate shimmer, and equilibrium. The Blade Grow contains the following 24 diodes: (12) Royal Blue,(6) Cool White, (6) Blue. With smart technology capabilities, you can personalize the schedule for each light, control intensity or choose a pre-created template. Compatible with Android or Apple devices. Water resistant. Includes (1) Blade Grow, (1) cable, 9.8' (3m), (1) Blade Tank Rest Mounting Solution. 2.8" W x 0.7" H x 12.1" L