Atlantic 24" Color Changing Colorfalls

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  • Model: CC24
  • Item: 73880
  • Description: 24" Color Changing Colorfalls
  • Flow Rate: 2,400 gph
  • Projection: 8-10" at 18"H & 2,400 gph
  • Input Voltage: 12 Volt DC / 6-wire
  • Watts: 3 - 10 variable
  • Inlet: 1½" FIPT
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Dimensions: 24"W x 8"D x 3½"H
  • Illuminated waterfalls are the most versatile way to add light and water to your landscape or hardscape
  • Atlantic's Color Changing Colorfalls are the first modular sheer descent system with multiple light and configuration options
  • Design custom colors, select transitions and create personalize sequences with the new InfiColor Smart Module and App
  • Color Changing Colorfalls synchronize with Atlantic Hardscape and submersible lights to create illuminated landscapes
  • Unlike other sheer descent waterfalls, Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls may be linked together to create waterfalls of any width
  • Synchronize multiple Colorfalls with InfiColor 3 Light Wiring Kit (CCSM30X3), additional splitters (CCBSX4) and larger transformer
  • Designed to install easily in any wall, indoors or out, whether stone, brick, block, stucco, tile or wood
  • Atlantic's Color Changing Colorfalls' modular body style offers multiple inlets for maximum plumbing flexibility
  • Generous weir openings resist clogging and creat a thicker, fuller sheer for extra color and less wind deflection
  • Colorfalls feature a 5" lip, 20' powercord and includes single outlet InfiColor Smart Module and 12V outdoor transformer
  • For use with Formal Spillway Basins and Basin Kits

24" Color Changing Colorfalls Remote

24"Color Changing Colorfalls App