Autumn Day Blooming Tropical Lily (Pre-Order)

Autumn Day Blooming Tropical Lily (Pre-Order)

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Tropical Water Lilies available June 1 – Sept 30th

Tropical water lilies should be treated as annuals. Tropical water lilies have huge flowers (up to 12″ across); their perfume permeates throughout the entire garden. They also have more blooms and a longer blooming season than hardy varieties. Day blooming tropical lilies open from midmorning until late afternoon and Night blooming lilies open at dusk and close mid morning when the sun is bright. However, night bloomers may remain open on cloudy days. Plants are shipped in 5″ pots, ready to transplant into 18L (1 cu. ft.) container or larger, so there is little, if any, setback.

Tropical water lilies are not shipped until June when the water has warmed to about 20°C (70°F). Cold water is likely to cause the young plants to become dormant.

Night bloomers are slow to start blooming. They need more sun than day blooming tropical lilies. Start with only 4″ of water over the crown of the plant for the first month, then lower to 6-8″.

Spread 12-25 sq ft. Depth 6-8" Zone 9