Boyd Chemi-pure Elite 11.74 oz

Boyd Chemi-pure Elite 11.74 oz

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The benefits of using Chemi-pure Elite:

•Keeps pH stable and constant

•Reduces fish loss due to pH changes or polluted water

•Keeps aquariums crystal clear

•Provides positive neurological reactions in fish, mimicking a natural environment

•Filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2)

•Reduces nuisance algae

•Removes dissolved organics

•Helps fish have a better appetite

•Eliminates osmotic shock

Increases fish life span

•Filters out coppers, metals, odors and phenol

•Prevents ion antagonism

•Lasts up to 4 months

•Available in several sizes

Chemi-Pure Elite adds ferric oxide to the original Chemi-Pure formula to also remove phosphates and silicates, making it the only complete choice for filtering any kind of aquarium.

With Chemi-pure Elite, we have taken the next step in keeping Chemi-pure the ultimate and complete choice for filtering your aquarium. Chemi-pure is the latest in aquarium science. Get all the benefits of Chemi-pure now with the added benefit of being able to remove all your phosphate and silicates.

NO need for bulk Iron Oxide removers or spending additional money on a phosphate reactor. Chemi-pure Elite keeps making your aquarium maintenance easier.

Chemi-pure Elite was designed and manufactured with the latest technologies available. Chemi-pure Elite is without a doubt the best all around filter media for all types of aquatic environments.

Chemi-pure Elite is very economical, simple to use, and provides problem-free filter operation.