CaribSea LifeRock Coral Tree

CaribSea LifeRock Coral Tree

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Behold the future of aquatic reef decor! The CaribSea LifeRock Coral Tree is a fully customizable, free standing structure designed specifically for use in a wide variety of marine and reef based aquariums. Instead of spending weeks with cement, glue, putties, bonding agents and other materials, aquarium owners can now instantly create unique structures that fit into the space of your individual tank. The authentic look and feel of these rocks completely transforms any boring aquarium into a vibrant, exciting aquatic environment straight out of the pages of a magazine!

The naturally porous aragonitic base rock offers a substantial amount of surface area to reduce overcrowding of frags and built-in holes that encourage the growth and development of visually stunning coral species. With a nearly unlimited number of placements and configurations, aquarists can create lifelike caves, ledges, platforms and arches that bring depth and beauty into any empty aquarium. As well, the mind-bending shapes, eye-popping textures and stunning realism of the trees eliminates that unnatural "rock pile" appearance while still ensuring proper flow and circulation throughout the tank.

One of the ideal things about these coral trees is the fact that you can optimize the height of your aquarium and make use of more empty space while still providing your fish and invertebrates with plenty of room to happily swim and move around. As well, the varying heights of the structures allows for better placement of corals according to the light requirements of the species. With more of the sand bed exposed on the bottom, there will be fewer dead spots and less accumulation of detritus for a much cleaner, healthier aquatic ecosystem. The rock is infused with living spored bacteria to help enhance the length of the cycle without any problematic hitchhikers that show up in your aquarium later. The rocks are also versatile enough to be used as aquascapes with many African cichlids, brackish fish and hard-water plants.

The height is approximately 20" with a width of approximately 16" at maximum placement. 20" x 16"