Caribsea LifeRock Shapes - 20 lb

Caribsea LifeRock Shapes - 20 lb

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LifeRock Shapes - 20 lb

The 20 lb CaribSea Liferock Shapes are uniquely structured aragonitic rock forms designed for reef and marine environments. With a surface area interspersed with micro and macro pores that create the perfect environment for the natural growth of beneficial, nitrifying bacteria. Made with natrual aragonite instead of the commonly used, and often hazardous concrete rock.

The realistic look of the rock is created by an artificial coating that mimics the natural accumulation of coralline algae after years beneath the waves.

Each CaribSea Liferock Shape features a combination of arches, rings, caves and tunnels, providing endless explorative opportunities for your tank inhabitants as well as offering an incredibly natural look and feel to each aquatic environment. The rock is safe for all fish species and invertebrates.