Eheim Prefilter

Eheim Prefilter

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Improve the filtration process in your aquarium with the Eheim Prefilter. Perfectly suitable for freshwater or saltwater applications, this prefilter has been specifically designed to be installed with Eheim canister filters. Avoid the chance of prematurely clogging your canister filter with the implementation of this handy device.

This submersible filter is easily installed into your existing setup, with it's base securely on the bottom. As it draws water from it's wide surface area it traps coarse dirt, debris, and waste particles within the enclosed filter baskets. This process lengthens the biological decomposition process within your external filter, while in turn increasing the time required for regular maintenance.

The Eheim Prefilter includes two filter basket modules within it, each with a cartridge of their own. These Easy Klick modules can be easily removed and cleaned, thus increasing the overall convenience of your aquarium's regular maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE: This Prefilter fits all Eheim external filters, EXCEPT the Pro3e line and the 1500XL (2260).