Eshopps PF-1200 Overflow Box

Eshopps PF-1200 Overflow Box

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Rated for 125-150 gallon aquariums.


Dual drain.

Dimensions 9"x3"x10".

The overflow box effectively transport aquarium water to under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters. These high quality overflow boxes features bulkhead fittings for secure and convenient installation. The U-tube style compact overflow boxes are designed to fit between your tank and your wall to maximize space usage in your aquarium setup. With only 3 in. required between your tank and your wall, these boxes are excellent for optimizing space. Each box includes everything required to attach it to your system.


Two U-tubes

Two Cylinder Foams

Nylon screw and wing nuts

Pre-filter Box

Two 1" bulkheads