Eshopps TankliMate Mega Acclimation Box

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2-10 Days 

TankliMate™ is a non-drip acclimation solution for introducing new livestock to an established tank.

Designed to relieve stress to new arrivals and established livestock.

The powerful ABS coated magnets allow for easy, secure placement in glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1/2" thick.

Whether establishing compatibility, isolating tank mates, or protecting sensitive corals from nippers, ESHOPPS’s TankliMate™ is an ideal way to reduce aggression and improve survival rates among mixed livestock.

Much more than just an isolation box, TankliMate™ can also be used to create an in-tank rubble zone with microalgae for copepod propagation in aquariums that cannot accommodate a traditional refugium.

Removable dividers for larger fish or optional multiple dividers for separating multiple fish.

Easy, safe method of introducing clean up crew and juveniles too small to join established livestock. Marine and freshwater application.

Tanklimate Medium

Dimensions - 12"x5"x6"

Magnet - 2

Divider - 2

Tank Usage - 10-50g