IceCap Battery Backup

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Keep Your Pumps Running During a Power Outage

Power failures will happen sooner or later within our fishkeeping hobby, and if not addressed within 4 hours, fish and corals can perish without having water flow. The IceCap Battery Battery Backup Version 3.0 will keep your flow pump running uninterrupted in the event of a power loss for ~35 hours*. You can connect two pumps to the battery backup and run them simultaneously for ~17 hours after the power goes out. To double your backup run time, you can even connect two battery backups together for further protection.


  • New model updated for 2021! This new version is 12V like the original.
  • Turns on immediately after a power failure to protect your aquarium
  • Keeps a single flow pump running ~35 hours after a power loss
  • You can connect 2 flow pumps to a single battery backup for ~17 hours of backup operation
  • You can connect two battery backups together to double the run time of a single pump to ~70 hours
  • Compact and attractive form factor that is easy to mount on a wall or aquarium stand
  • Get started immediately: power supply, pump adapters, and user guide are all included in the box
  • Compatible with most 12-24 volt pumps from brands like Maxspect, IceCap, and Reef Octopus
*On average 50w at 30% power single pump/single power cell.

Keep Your Aquarium Safe When Disaster Strikes!

Being optimistic about your success in the hobby is great, but any experienced aquarium keeper will advise you to prepare for all possibilities. As the expression goes, "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst." One of the easiest ways to prevent an aquarium from crashing is by connecting a pump or powerhead to a battery backup device. That way, if your home or office experiences expected or unexpected losses of power, your pump(s) will keep the moving water—which is essential for the survival of fish and coral.

There are a variety of ways a power loss can occur. Here are a few common reasons:

    • A Scheduled Outage
    • Utility companies perform routine maintenance and equipment upgrades from time-to-time. Even though you’ll likely know of the outage in advance, it’s nice to have peace of mind that your pump will continue running uninterrupted to keep your livestock safe.

    • A Repair Outage
    • Unexpected circumstances, like an automobile accident or severe weather, can cause a power failure. Power lines can be damaged if a car crashes into a utility pole. Heavy rains or high winds can damage power lines. Keep your tank insulated from power interruptions with a battery backup.

    • A Rotating Outage
    • Often referred to as a "rolling blackout," a rotating outage is a last-resort measure used by a utility company to avoid a total blackout. These can sometimes occur during heatwaves. Keep oxygen levels from plunging to dangerous levels by plugging your pump into the IceCap Battery Backup v3.0.

  • A Major Outage
  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and tornados can damage power equipment and networks resulting in large, widespread outages. If you live where hurricanes frequently make landfall, having a couple of battery backups connected to a pump can help keep your tank inhabitants alive for ~3 days.

Which Pump Brands Can I Connect to the IceCap Battery Backup v3.0?

One of the biggest benefits of the IceCap Battery Backup over competing brands is that it isn’t restricted to a single brand of pump. The new battery backup v3.0 is compatible with most 24V or less variable speed DC pumps on the market today.

Here are some popular pumps the IceCap Battery Backup works with:

  • Maxspect Gyre Pumps (All Models)
  • IceCap Gyre Pumps including the IceCap Dual Pump WiFi Controller (NOT compatible with HYDROS WaveEngine)
  • Reef Octopus Octo Pulse Pumps (All Models)
  • Reef Octopus VarioS Pumps (VarioS-2 and VarioS-4)


  • DC Charger: Input: 100V to 240V 50/60Hz | Output: 27V 600MA
  • Main Unit DC: Output: 12V x 2.5A max | Input: 27V 1A max
  • Fuse: 250V 10A 5x20mm fast blow
  • Capacity: 2.5Ah
  • Size: 5.75in x 5in x 3.125in (WxLxH)
  • Weight: 3.85lbs

Battery Backup Best Practices for Operation & Maintenance

The IceCap Battery Backup v3.0 should be kept in an environment with a temperature of approximately 70º F for optimal operation. The life of the battery will depend on the number of discharges that the unit has cycled through. Every time the unit cycles, the life of the battery and its capacity are reduced.

How to Calculate Battery Run Time

The IceCap Battery Backup v3.0 has a capacity of 2.5Ah.

Using it with a pump that is drawing 0.2 Amps (0.2Amps = 200mA), the time that the battery will last is (2500) ÷ (0.2 x 1000) = (2500) ÷ (200)= 12.5 Hours.

If instead of the current you have voltage and watts, then the formula is (mAh x Volts) ÷ (Watts x 1000) = (hours). If you have a pump that is drawing 12volts and 20 watts from the battery, then it will last (2500 x 12) ÷ (20 x 1000) or 30000 ÷ 20000 = 1.5 hrs