Interpet Pond Balance

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Pond Balance String Algae Control by Interpet - Treats 3600 Gallons

We find Pond Balance by Interpet is the BEST product to eliminate string algae and keep it from coming back!

An fish safe and effective control for blanketweed or string algae. Not a harsh algaecide, Pond Balance alters the chemistry of the pond water and makes key micronutrients unavailable to the algae. 3 treatment and the algae is gone, continue once a month to prevent it from returning!

Directions for use:

  1. Treat pond every 10 days for 3 treatments (usually between the 2nd and 3rd treatments existing algae in the pond will simply 'fall off' whatever it is growing on)
  2. Vacuum or net out any dead algae from the bottom of the pond or it may cause poor water quality and low oxygen levels
  3. Repeat treatment once a month to prevent algae from returning