ISTA CO2 Controller for Disposable Cartridge

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Single Gauge Controller for Disposable Cartridge

Equipped with German-made solenoid with safety valve, assure quality, silence and safety.

Precision needle valve provides stable and accurate CO2 output.

Made with stainless steel, anti-rust.

Hand air-tighten design, no tool required.

Product Instructions

Thread the controller tightly on the CO2 disposable cartridge, make sure the controller does puncture through the disposable cartridge, and wait until there is no CO2 leakage and the value shown on pressure gauge does not go up.

Connect the controller with ISTA timer, which will allow you to control the time of CO2 output.


Do not let controller get in touch with water, crash and fall down to the floor. Make sure the controlleris set up straight.

Do not use wrench or tools to disassemble the controller.

Do not disassemble the controller from CO2 cylinder until the pressure gauge shows zero.