ISTA CO2 Diffuser (3 in 1) V Shaped - Large

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3 in 1 Compact V CO2 Diffuser L


Functions of CO2 bubble counter, check valve and diffuser in one unit.

Specific ceramice applied to assures most delicate CO2 diffusing effect.

Made of transparent acrylic which provides precise, clear and easy CO2 bubble reading.

Easy and simple in cleaning, changing the ceramic or water filling.

Most reliable funciton of stopping backflow and syphonign, design of stainless spring in acid resistant.


Made of specific material of sucker which is acid and harden resistant.

Disassemble the top cover and take off the ceramic, fill with water than assemble back the ceramic and cover.

connect the CO2 pipe with inlet.

Allow the diffuser to sit for 24 hours then the bubble trooping will disappear.