Lifegard 18" High Output Full Spectrum LED 15W

Lifegard 18" High Output Full Spectrum LED 15W

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Full Spectrum LED Light

Lifegard® Freshwater Planted Tanks and Saltwater Aquariums

Unique light combination enhances plant growth, colors in corals and beauty of your fish.

Cool running Energy-efficient LED light fixture provides excellent general purpose lighting for freshwater and saltwater Aquariums. Ultra-slim (9000K) LED’s deliver full spectrum light intensity ideal for Aquatic Plants and saltwater Aquariums. Lighting features two-mode ON/OFF switch (Full Spectrum, Lunar Blue and OFF positions) so you can manually transition from Full Spectrum to lunar. The entire length of LED board is protected by a clear Poly-Carbonate sheet that protects LEDs from moisture damage. The sheet is easy to wipe clean and easy to replace if salt builds up. Sizes from 10″ up to 72″ with adjustable metal brackets or plastic stands, Waterproof Touch Control Light Switches, Power Cord and Hanging Clips.

18" HO Full Spectrum: White LEDs - 18 (0.5W), Red LEDs - 3 (0.5W), Blue LEDs - 3 (0.5W), Green LEDs - 3 (0.5W), Pink LEDs - 4 (0.5W),

Color Temp - 9000k

LUX - 1680

Lumen - 504

Power - 15W