Neptune DC24 to Bare wire Cable 10'

Neptune DC24 to Bare wire Cable 10'

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This is ten foot cable that has the DC24 connector on one end and two tinned wire leads on the other.

The Do-it-yourselfer will love this cable! They can wire any DC24 device to the cable and power it on/off from the DC24 outputs.

NOTE: Device must be rated under 30W.

The DIY cable is intended for connection of non-Neptune devices which operate at 24VDC and draw less than 30 watts of power. One end has the DC24 2-pin connector and the other end has stripped & tinned wires. Following normal conventions for wire color, the red wire is positive (+) and the black wire is negative/common (-).

Possible DIY uses include powering and controlling 24VDC fans, small 24VDC LED strip lights, and audible alarm buzzers/sirens.