Neptune Energy Bar 832

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New Energy Bar controls more devices Included with this new Apex System is an entirely redesigned power distribution device called the Energy Bar 832.

The Energy Bar 832 not only has eight 120V, 7A outlets to power and control equipment, but it has three 1 LINK ports with a built-in 100W 24VDC power supply as well. The 1 LINK ports can be used to connect Neptune Systems DOS dosing system, WAV powerheads, and future products as well.

The 1 LINK interface provides both the power and communication for these devices. A power supply brick and power cord is unnecessary for any of these three 1LINK connected devices - reducing the usual wire clutter under an aquarium.

In addition to the eight AC outlets and three 1 LINK ports, there are also two switched 24VDC ports as well for use with fans, small pumps, solenoid valves, DIY, and future accessories from Neptune Systems.

Not compatiable: with Apex Classic or Apex Jr.

These units do not have the memory or processing power required by the EB832