Prime Freshwater LED Lighting System

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AquaIllumination Prime Freshwater LED Lighting System is a state-of-the-art aquatic lighting system that utilizes a unlimited number of spectral combinations to enhance the visual beauty of your tank. By blending six different colours, those being cool white, warm white, blue, deep red and green, the lighting unit arranges for the optimal degree of light to aid in the growth and development of live plants and other inhabitants of the tank. Using custom designed 80 degree lenses with over 90% optical efficiency, this unit provides powerful, consistent illumination and includes a diffuse exit surface to more accurately and efficiently blend the various shades of light in a pleasing way. More than just aesthetics, the AquaIllumination Prime Freshwater LED Lighting System is perfect for light sensitive species such as coral, which can quickly die if adequate lighting is not provided and regularly maintained. This unit comes with a flexible silicone arm for balance can be fitted in two different ways, either through a direct tank mount or a hanging kit to suspend the unit above the aquarium. Additionally, this unit can be controlled through any Wi-Fi enabled smart device, which provides the aquarium owner with an unmatched level of control and precision so that they can maintain a healthy, thriving aquatic environment. The electronic controls allow you to change what lights go on, the intensity and schedule specific times for the lights to come on and off. Using 55 watts of power at any given time, this unit may be environmentally efficient but it certainly does not compromise on power.