Pro Clear Ecoreef Sump 100

Pro Clear Ecoreef Sump 100

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The Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Ecoreef Sump 100 is an absolute must for saltwater aquatic ecosystem. The system features a sophisticated clear and white aesthetic and provides additional space for essential equipment such as protein skimmers, helping to maintain visual purity within your beautiful aquatic ecosystem. Featuring an adjustable water gate in the central refugium compartment, the Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Ecoreef Sump 100 allows aquarists to carefully adjust the water level depending on your specific needs. Additionally, the improved design of the unit itself enhances linear flow and allows for a maximum flow rate throughout the aquarium as well as including including a laser cut baffle for added flair. Well suited for aquariums up to 100 gallons in size and the sump has the ability to support a pump with a flow rate of up to 400 GPH. The EcoReef is made in America and carries a two year warranty on craftsmanship and workmanship.


  • Two 200-micron bags
  • Two 1" bulk head assemblies
  • Two 3 foot long 1" flex hoses
  • Adjustable water gate
  • Foam Block
  • Dimension

    23.5" x 10" x 16"