Pro Clear  Flex 4-in-1 Sump - 300

Pro Clear Flex 4-in-1 Sump - 300

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The Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Red Flex 4-in-1 Sump - 300 is a highly efficient sump system designed for saltwater or freshwater aquatic environments and features a modern red and white design. What sets the RedFlex 4-in-1 apart from all other sumps is the unique 4 in 1 chamber. Adaptable to fit your current reefing needs between various set up styles such as a wet/dry, berlin style, refugium, or frag grow outs. Boasting four distinct filtration methods, this unit ensures only the highest quality of water for the sensitive inhabitants of your tank. The physical filtration comes from the gravitational flow through the micron filtration bags, mechanical filtration via the skimmer pump, chemical filtration when engaging the chemical media cartridge and biological filtration comes courtesy of the built in refugium compartment. The Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Red Flex 4-in-1 comes with an easily adjustable flow gate that provides complete control over the volume of water entering the refugium. Sophisticated, durable design constructed for smooth, quiet operation. Suitable for tanks up to 300 gallons.


  • Two 3 foot long 1" flex hoses
  • Bubble diffusing intakes
  • Two 4" 200-micron filter socks
  • Heater holders
  • A probe holder
  • Four colored dosing lines with quick connects
  • Return pump bracket
  • Frag Rack
  • Foam block
Dimension 37" x 14.5" x 16"