Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer 5 Litre

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer 5 Litre

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Highly effective, controlled, biological reduction of nitrates and phosphates for all reef and marine fish systems. Promotes coral growth and coloration

*Controllable and safe nitrate & phosphate reduction

*Sets and maintains ongoing desired levels of nitrate and phosphate

*Promotes coral growth and coloration

*Reef Safe, no undesirable side effects

*Easy to use, reliable and cost effective Red Sea NO3: PO4-X is a unique complex of a number of different carbon molecules and other organic-bonded elements that enable a controlled biological reduction of algae nutrients (nitrate and phosphate) by naturally occurring nutrient reducing bacteria that exist in all aquariums

Average daily usage of NO3:PO4-X (25gal)

Mixed Reef: 2ml SPS Frag: 2ml

SPS Dominant: 1-2ml

Ultra Low Nutrient SPS: 1-2ml

Marine Fish: 3ml

NO3: PO4-X is easy to use, with a relatively small dose being added to the system on a daily basis. Over time the daily dosage of NO3: PO4-X will be varied (see instructions for use) according to measured levels of nitrate and phosphate, giving the fine control of nitrate and phosphate levels that guarantees the gradual changes and accurate maintenance of the desired nutrient levels.

New tanks, untreated established tanks and established tanks that have used alternative methods of nitrate and/or phosphate reduction will all react differently when starting to use NO3: PO4– X. However over time the nutrient levels will stabilize as desired, irrespective of where they started.

With continued correct use there are no undesirable side effects when using NO3: PO4-X. It is safe for all fish, corals and micro fauna. Even a large accidental overdose should not cause any irreversible damage as long as a suitably rated skimmer is installed on the system