Sicce Xstream E Neptune Control Cable

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Sicce XStream-E pumps now have the ability to be conjoined with an aquarium controller like the Neptune Apex to fully control the DC powered pumps.

Having control over the type of flow throughout the type of day can really help your reef tank with completely random flow.

By programming the pumps through a controller you can now synchronize the pumps, or anti-sync the pumps to give your tank the best flow available.

The cable connects directly to the XStream-E controller utilizing the pumps original power supply.

The other end of the cable can connect to any 0-10v DC reference controller that utilizes a RJ45 connection Flow in a reef tank helps remove detritus, settling waste and providing water movement around corals.

When waste settles in a tank it will slowly be broken down into nutrients.

Having proper flow can help remove that waste from the rocks and sand bed allowing it to be exported into the filtration system.