Tunze Care Magnet Cleaner Strong+

Tunze Care Magnet Cleaner Strong+

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Care Magnet long

With Care Booster and Coloured End Caps

The Care Booster literally gives the 2020 Care Magnet upgrade a new «boost». Two floats with 4 retaining clips, which will be supplied with Care Magnet long, strong and strong+, ensure that the Care Magnet’s inner cleaning magnet can float to the surface as soon as it detaches from the outer magnet. The Care Booster can also be used as a convenient grip aid for the outer magnet.

With the colored end caps, the style-conscious aquarist can now visually adapt her or his aquarium pane cleaner to different aquarium landscapes. With the proven blue end cap, the Care Magnet still adapts great for marine scenarios, the green end cap will offer freshwater aquarists a lot of pleasure in designing their overall concept. In nano aquaristics, but also in all other aquariums, the elegant black and white end caps will certainly generate big fans very quickly

For a glass thickness of 20 to max. 25 mm (¾" - 1").

Width: 86 mm (3.4")

Length: 140 mm (5.5")


1 stainless steel blade,

2 spare plastic blades,

2 Care Booster,

4 clips,

8 colored end caps (blue, green, white, black)