Vertex Somatic 60 Filtration System w/ 60S Skimmer

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Somatic 60 Filtration System


• Sump and Skimmer Combination

• 40-120 Gallons Filtration Capacity

• Optimal: 60 Gallons (high bio-load)

• Modular Sump that can easily be upgraded to include the following options (items listed sold separately) o Filter Sock Holder o Dosing Containers o Auto Top Off with mechanical control o Drain Cover o Dosing Line Holder o Sensor Holder

• Add your preferred return pump and you’re all set

• Solid cast acrylic and PVC construction • Custom, Sicce based high performance Italian skimmer pump

• Easy removal collection cup

• Easy to disassemble and clean Venturi

• Rubber dampeners for noise reduction

• All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance

• Designed in Germany Technical Data:

• Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant

• Silicone O-Rings

• Silicone Air-Tube

• Skimmer Chamber: 6” Diameter

• Skimmer Pump: 120V, 60Hz – ~ 23W

• Air Draw: 400 to 600 LPH

• Sump Dimensions: ~ 16.5” * 16.5” * 12.5” (Width, Length, Height)