Zoo Med ReptiBator

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The ReptiBator Digital Egg Incubator gives breeders complete temperature and humidity control to care for developing eggs.

•         Digital controller with LCD display and LED heat indicator light.

•         Pulse proportional thermostat for stable temperature regulation.

•         Temperature control range from 59°F to 104°F (15°C to 40°C). •         Humidity Display range from 10%-95% relative humidity.

•         Rigid 55 watt heating element.

•         Programmable temperature alarm.

•         Built in memory stores settings in case of power failure.

•         Clear cover allows for easy egg inspection without opening incubator.

•         Multiple water reservoirs molded into incubator base.

Flow-through ventilation and sponge insert allows for even evaporation and proper humidity levels within incubator.

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Item Number: RI-10 Size: 55 w Dimension: 18″ x 18″ x 9.5″