Zoo Med T5 HO Coral Blue 460 NM

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A special 460 nm blend of phosphors that enhance the blue color spectrum in your aquarium. Ideally used in combination with Zoo Med’s Ultra Sun® Super Daylight for amazing blue color of your fish, corals, and invertebrates. High-quality T5 HO lamp manufactured in Germany. Available in 22″ (24 w), 34″ (39 w), and 46″ (54W).

All T5 HO lamps must be installed in hoods manufactured for T5 HO lamps. (This lamp will not work in a regular T8 or T12 type fixture)

Product Options

Item Number : CB5-24- Lamp wattage: 24 w, lamp length 22 in (55 cm)

Item Number: CB5-39 -Lamp wattage 39 w, lamp length 34 in (85 cm)

Item Number: CB5-54-Lamp Wattage 54 w, lamp length 46 in (116 cm)