Zoo Med T5 HO Ultra Sun Super Daylight

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6,500K High-Intensity super daylight lamp brings out the full colors of your fish, plants, corals, and invertebrates. T5 lights provide more light output than T8s! Ideal for all marine aquariums, reef tanks, and fresh water aquariums where maximum daylight simulation is required. Combine with Zoo Med’s Flora Sun® for maximum plant growth. Combine with Zoo Med’s Coral Sun® for all live coral invertebrate reef tanks. Distributes the light evenly across the water surface. Generates less heat as compared to metal halide lamps. High quality lamp manufactured in Germany. All T5 HO lamps must be installed in hoods manufactured for T5 HO lamps. (This lamp will not work in a regular T8 or T12 type fixture).


Item Number: UL5-24 Lamp Wattage: 24 w Lamp Length: 22″ (55 cm)

Item Number: UL5-39 Lamp Wattage: 39 w Lamp Length: 34″ (85 cm)

Item Number: UL5-54 Lamp Wattage: 54 w Lamp Length: 46″ (116 cm)